The Dance Center 
of Walla Walla


The Dance Center of Walla Walla was established in 1986, by director Idalee Hutson-Fish.   We serve the Walla Walla valley with a professionally taught curriculum of ballet classes for ages 3 and up and offer at least two all studio dance performances per year.  

      We are dedicated to providing a high standard of ballet training for the professionally minded student as well as the recreational dancer.
     It is our goal to give the love of ballet through a precise knowledge of ballet technique.  It is by understanding the artistry, discipline and commitment needed physically and mentally that the student learns to enjoy the benefits of ballet for a lifetime.   
     We offer instruction in a safe environment with teachers dedicated giving the highest quality ballet training whether the student seeks a professional career or is a recreational dancer.  
     We seek to inspire the soul as well as the body through the art of ballet.  We want our dancers to “dance from inside out”.