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Class descriptions:

Pre-Ballet 1A&B:  3-4 y/o   Introduces the young dancer to basic elements of ballet: explores space and how we relate to it, both as an individual and as a member of a group; basic locomotor skills; musical rhythm, beat and time; opposites and directions.  Ballet class room etiquette, taking turns, following, leading, waiting patiently and quietly

Pre-Ballet 2A&B:  ages 4-6   Class introduces basic ballet vocabulary and movement skills, agility, coordination while building a foundation for future progression in the study of ballet.  Ballet classroom etiquette, taking turns, following, leading, waiting patiently and quietly

Ballet 1:  ages 6-8   Strong ballet basics in ballet vocabulary, barre, and center work to facilitate the development of strength, agility and rhythm.

Ballet 2/3:  ages 8-14    This course provides a high level of classical ballet supported by academic technique, realistic criticism, instruction by analysis, rehearsal, and performance.  Its goal is to enhance the detailed perfection of the kinetic motion of classical ballet and develop more fully its communicable style as a visual medium.

Ballet 4/5:  ages 10-18   A high level of classical ballet supported by academic technique, realistic criticism, instruction by analysis.  To enhance the detailed perfection of the kinetic motion of classical ballet and develop more fully its communicable style as a visual medium.  The course will provide the dancer with 1 1/2 hours of intense ballet technique two to three days per week.  Barre work will contain all the basic elements of ballet technique to build balance, the strength of line and muscles, quickness of mind/body, musicality and quality of movement.  Center work will continue to build upon the emotional expression, strength, technique, and execution of line.

Pre-Pointe, Point 1 & 2:  Students who are on pointe must take at least two additional ballet classes per week.  Readiness for pointe work is determined by each student’s strength and physical development, not by their age.  The instructor will advise parents when a student has the necessary strength and maturity to go on pointe.

Teen/Adult Ballet:  Structured like a typical ballet class with stretching and strengthening, barre work, center work seeking to build balance, the strength of line, musicality and quality of movement.

Ballet Variations: In ballet, a variation is a solo dance. In a classical grand pas de deux, the ballerina and danseur each perform a variation. This class will introduce more advanced ballet students to the famous choreography of ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, etc. Students will gain knowledge of famous ballets while learning to perform these variations. This class builds strength, poise and awareness of the artistic aspects of performance. You can wear anything you would normally wear in pointe class or you may wear a tutu during the class.

Danza Classica Ballet Company:   Dancers will be selected by an audition process on a pre-selected date and must be between 11-18 years old and registered as a ballet student at The Dance Center, to be eligible for the DCBC.   Required to attend a minimum of two regular ballet classes per week.  Must attend Company class on Saturday and all scheduled rehearsals.   Company members will pay an annual fee of $150.00. 


Students are expected to be neatly dressed and follow the dress code with girls hair in a neat and tidy ballet bun.  No exceptions permitted.  Please clean your leotards and tights after each use and older students should wear deodorant.  No gum or jewelry allowed in any class.   Please have a tight-fitting dance sweater available for wintertime wear as the studio is often cold.  Knit pink leg warmers acceptable in the winter.    The last week of each month the students may wear any leotard color of their choice.

Pre-ballet, ballet 1, ballet 2:  Girls:  pink tights, pink leotard, pink ballet shoes              

Boys:  white t-shirt, black or gray tights, white socks, and white ballet shoes

Ballet 3-5:  Girls; pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet shoes                                            

Men:  white t-shirt, black or gray tights, white socks, and ballet shoes

Pointe:   pink tights, any color leotard, pointe shoes, skirts may be worn

Variations:  pink tights, any color leotard, pointe shoes, skirts or tutu

Teen/Adult Ballet:  no dress code, but hair must be pulled back in ponytail or ballet bun

Tuition 2019/20

                                         Monthly       Full Fall         Full Winter/Spring

                                                                 15 weeks                      22 weeks

                                                               4 payments                 5 ½ payments

45 min per week        $55             $220                $302.50   

1 hour per week        $60             $240                 $330        

2 hours per week       $110           $440                $605       

3 hours per week       $165           $660                $907.50         

4 hours per week       $220           $880               $1210         

5 ½ hours per week   $265           $1060             $1475.50     

6+ hours per week    $285          $1140              $1567.50     

Private Lessons:     $75 per hour

Fall Session in 4 equal payments. 

Winter/Spring in 5 1/2 equal payments.  (June 2020 is ½ Tuition)                                                                    

Payments due by the 15th of each month or charged $10 per month late fee

All tuition must be paid in full before performances or forfeit appearance on stage.

Family discount of $5 off per child per month

No refund due to illness or injury.  Makeup classes by arrangement.  

Withdrawal Policy:  A student may withdraw at any time during the year by submitting a signed withdrawal form to Idalee.  Upon receiving the withdrawal form you are responsible for payment in full for the current month of tuition.  For students who have paid in full, the tuition is non-refundable except for extenuating circumstances. (injury, moving, etc)

$35 NSF on all returned checks.  

Danza Classica Ballet Foundation scholarship applications are available and must be submitted before the beginning of each session. 

Only four work scholarships available through Idalee and must be in place before the session begins.    Scholarships can be withdrawn if work agreement not fulfilled. 

Boys dance for ½ tuition through the Charles Potts Scholarship fund.

Students/Parents to expect extra expense for costumes for performances. 

CASH, CHECK OR DEBIT/CREDIT ACCEPTED ($3.00 debit/credit fee will be added)



For your safety, classes will not be held when the Walla Walla public schools are closed due to bad weather. (snow, ice, etc.)  When school begins late, we will hold classes as scheduled.  Please understand that emergency closings are for situations beyond our control and makeup classes will be held at the end of the session.

Bullying or Harassment Policy

The Dance Center seeks to maintain a pleasant and healthy learning environment.  We ask that all our parents, students or guests help us achieve this goal by conducting themselves in a safe and considerate manner always.  We reserve the right to withdraw a student from class for inappropriate, unsafe, or destructive behavior without refund.  We have zero-tolerance
for any kind of harassment or bullying by student or adult.  Such behavior will be evaluated and result in minimum six-month suspension from The Dance Center.