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New registration process

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

WE HAVE GONE DIGITAL! New processes will take time to transfer, but we will be integrating online registration, class bookings, class groups, and more. We are hoping this makes signing up for classes and registering for each term simple and automated. Each term will have a registration window, once that is open you will register for the tuition package that best fits the hours of classes you will be taking per week. Not sure how many hours? Contact us and we will help figure that out.


To register, go to REGISTER and sign up for the number of hours a week you will be attending then select the corresponding option. Once you are registered you will be able to book classes freely based on the number of hours included, all which can be found under CLASSES.


The payments will be charged to your account monthly once you have registered. We will still be accepting cash or check payments. With that, monthly payments must be made by the 15th of each month to avoid a late fee. Visit our tuition page for more information on this.


To book drop-in classes, pay by the class and book here. You will be prompted to the registration form to then submit before attending class.


To book upcoming Masterclasses, find them under EVENTS. Classes will be available as either a series of classes or drop-in style.


Each of our groups are private and each student will be accepted to join once they are registered. Groups will be a way for students to communicate and receive updates about registered classes. Parents of younger students will be in the loop of class updates, performance rehearsal details, and be able to coordinate and connect with other parents and students.

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