Students are expected to be impeccably dressed and follow the dress code with girls’ hair in a neat and tidy ballet bun. No exceptions are permitted. Please clean your leotards and tights after each use and older students should wear deodorant. No gum or jewelry is allowed in any class. Please have a tight-fitting dance sweater available for wintertime wear as the studio is often cold.  Knit pink leg warmers are acceptable in the winter. The last week of each month the students may wear any leotard color of their choice.


Payment plan option: 5 monthly installments  
(Feb, Mar, April, May, June)





1 hour per week
$65 |  $325

2 hours per week
$130  |  $650

3 hours per week
$175  |  $875


4.5 hours per week
$230  |  $1,150

6 hours per week
$275  |  $1375

7+ hours per week
$315  |  $1575

* Payments are DUE by the 15th of each month. An additional $25 fee for any payments past the due date

* Family discount of $5 off per child per month


NOTE: No refund due to illness or injury. Make up classes by arrangement only.


* 45 NSF on all returned checks.


* Expect extra expenses for costumes for performances.



($3.00 debit/credit fee will be added)




Charles Potts Scholarship Scholarship for Boys

In 2014 Charles Potts started sponsoring the Charles Potts Scholarship for Boys at The Dance Center of Walla Walla, beginning with our first scholarship recipient, Caleb Leitch, who is now one of our ballet teachers.  Each year, the Charles Potts Scholarship for Boys provides one-half tuition scholarship discounts for all boys in our program.



Charles Potts is an award-winning poet, writer, businessman, and passionate advocate for good public policy. More than twenty-five of his books have been published since the 1960s. He holds a BA in English from Idaho State University. He is an autodidact student of American history, politics, and economic geography.

Potts is a master practitioner in the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an Able Toastmaster, a certified Yoga instructor, and a retired real estate broker. He received the Distinguished Professional Achievement Award in 1994 from the College of Arts and Sciences at his alma mater, Idaho State University. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Washington Poets Association in 2008.

Potts lives on a ranch in Walla Walla where he raises foundation Appaloosa horses.

potts and boys.jpg

Merit-based Scholarships

The merit-based scholarships are offered at a limited number by director, Idalee Hutson-Fish.

Need-based Scholarships

The need-based scholarships are offered at a limited number by director, Idalee Hutson-Fish. To be considered, please reach out directly to get more information. We are strongly committed to making dance opportunities available to as many students as possible regardless of ability to pay, prioritizing students of color. Need-based and merit-based scholarships as well as work-study options are available each season.  Scholarship applications are available to everyone.